Finn the he’s-too-friggin-perfect human from My Mad Fat Diary.

Proper color piece coming soon~ Will post commission prices when I get a reliable ISP!!!! (I’m sorry for those waiting for a price list!) D:

Black and white studies are back! For a limited time probably…I need to go through them kpop suggestions to see if I can finally get around to drawing any of them.

Also, Imma open commissions sometime next month in case anyone is interested~

For the Lightning redesign contest! I just want sempai to notice me >___>

Seriously though, if I somehow make it to the finals and he looks at mine….asdfjk;kamfienb;owsfiqow!!!

Full View at my deviantart » [LINK]

I have an account on S6 in case anyone wants to follow for whenever I post my artwork to make it available to you guys in print. Colors will be added on a later date~

On another note, how can you not ship this, like srsly go away superman


I understand when older people roll their eyes when they’re told Tupac is a very loved and respected man amongst the generation that grew up listening to him (vs MLK or Malcolm X) but damn, he was only 25 and already he was planning to form a political party for ALL people of color, acknowledged that women didn’t owe him anything and that it was wrong for him to expect anything from them, and laughed at the stories of the Illuminati because he knew it was just another trick to try and control/paralyze people from doing/changing anything.

They don’t understand that while men like MLK and Malcolm X were able to grow and learn from their mistakes to positively give power to the people, Tupac was also heading towards positive changes, but he never got that chance to show anyone how far he could go politically.

No, he was no angel or role model, just a man trying to live and survive.

"Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, and let’s change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive." Tupac Shakur, dead at 25.

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Comic update! Also, new banner lmao

Smackjeeves + Manga Magazine

Hey new followers! I also do comics! I invite you to read them, Jabronis.

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I’m sad I didn’t get a table for AX this year >___>

How to make it harder for buttholes to steal your art

I like sharing my art, as many people here on tumblr do. So when someone reposted my art and put their fugly a** watermark over it (even though at that point I stopped putting my own because, ew, watermarks), I wanted to cry. :( (no, she didn’t take it down when I asked argh!)

I could have easily reported her post to Tumblr and gotten it taken down, but it was a minor annoyance compared to artists whose work literally gets stolen. I see it time and time again. Some butthole art thief takes these people’s art, prints it on sh*t like phone cases, canvas prints, bags, etc. and sells it on their shops. WTF

Anyway, although this method is not fool-proof, it will make it harder for buttholes like the ones mentioned above to print your sh*t on their sh*t. Pay attention, now~

So you just finished a bomb-a** drawing and want to share it with the planet. Great! First of all, let’s look at the specs of your working file:

So this flattened image is 26.3 MB and is at 300 DPI. Ok, we all know not to upload at this size and at that DPI (not sure if you can even upload at that DPI on tumblr). Anyway, since you’ll be posting it online for people to see and not sending it to a printer, let’s lower that number to the standard screen resolution of 72:

The width looks good for my tumblr page, and the resolution is perfect. That was easy lmao Now I can save and share right?


See, even though the dpi is 72, lookit that file size:

1.7MB is PLENTY BIG to be printed at a decent quality on sh*tty plastic earings on etsy, or even postcard sized prints.

At this point, you can keep adjusting the size and resolution till you get something that is 200kb or lower or save yourself from going back to this dialog box and go to SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES:

You’ll have summoned this:

Notice the highlighted parts because that is what we need to pay attention to. In one corner we have the file size:

An in the other, this thing:

Now, to knock down the size of the file, we need to adjust the quality. Remember that you want it to be 200 KB OR LESS. This quality should be a good enough quality for people to be able to enjoy your work while art thieves will be creying because the quality is too sh*tty to be able to print and sell it on cafepress.

(in fact, I would go lower than 191kb. Check final results to see which size you’re comfortable with)

And the final result is:

Hey! That looks alright! And it retained it’s 650 width! (At least, it would have if I hadn’t uploaded it on a text post.) EYYYYY!

Again, this isn’t fool proof. I can think of ways to get around this but I won’t mention them lest I give people ideas lmao In any case, it should be enough to discourage the average art thief since we know they’re all basic b*tches anyway.

Feel free to fact check me because I can’t remember where I heard/read that 200kb prints are sh*tty and I don’t feel like wasting paper printing 200kb sized art lol


Make colored piece black and white to check values~

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First doodle of 2014~

Arguably everyone/no one in DBZ is my fave but 18 will always hold a special place in my anime heart because she beat up Vegeta

Vegeta gets hit ass kicked 90% of the time.

By a girl. Also, she broke his arm.

Hey bb I made you seven years ago and you’re still seventeen…

First doodle of 2014~

Arguably everyone/no one in DBZ is my fave but 18 will always hold a special place in my anime heart because she beat up Vegeta


Summary here. Finished this in October 2013! For the shonen manga competition~ Obviously didn’t make the finals, so posting here xD

Can also read on Smackjeeves and Manga Magazine~

Will update again next week! there are only 15 pages so it won’t take long to post them xD

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Essarte by any other name would draw the same things all the time

I don’t think I’ve ever said this to anyone, but I thought it might help to remember my url (web address) if I did provide an explanation.

So, how does my url make any sense? Well, “ess" comes from my long-standing internet name "essency" (I’ve been posting my art as Essency since ‘06…>____>) and "arte" for the Spanish word for "art.” Put together it’s “essarte" which if you say it to a Spanish speaker will sound like you’re saying "it’s art"…..lmaooo (I love hip hop and that means I love word plays, don’t judge me, man…)

idk i thought using my real name would be too long because…it’s too long! I have a Spanish name, ok???

Anyway, idk why people follow me and stick around, I think I post about three pics a month lol but thank you!!

Work in Progress~

I’m supposed to be finishing up an art trade but I have this mini comic idear that won’t leave me alone.

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